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August 30, 2006

Summer Flushed Away with Toilet Racing

Brian Husman and Barclay Richey compete in the TP 500
Brian Husman and Barclay Richey compete in the TP 500

The big event of Wednesday's "Day on the JAY" was the TP 500. Racing fans were ready to flush the summer goodbye with toilet racing!

Says sophomore Barclay Richey, "The turns are the most thrilling when you try to pass someone." According to his racing companion Brian Husman, "Beating Barclay was the most thrilling part of the race because he thought he was going to win" Sophomore Joe Ewart comments, "I've never seen anything like it!"

Two freshmen, Jesse Mesenburg and Alison Kennedy, were looking on and anticipating their turn. "The most exciting thing for me will be racing on crappers!" says Jesse. Her friend Alison replies, "It's a bizarre concept, but it looks like fun."

While the toilet racing was the highlight of "Day on the JAY," other activities held in the Benes Rooms in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center included posing for caricaturist Jodie Fleming and for rearview portraits by Dave Schwan. In addition, there were photo key chains, posters, and airbrushed baseball caps available for students to pick up.

"Day on the JAY" was sponsored by the Student Involvement Office, which recently changed its name from Student Activities. Director of Student Involvement Debbie Lamp says, "The name change is more indicative of what this office does and is helping OWU keep up with the times." The Student Involvement Office helps students become involved in the campus, not just provide activities.

Says Lamp, "This is a one-stop shop for students. It gives a fresh approach to student involvement with learning experiences. It is not just about social activities. It's about involvement and learning, hence the name change."

Upcoming events sponsored by the Student Involvement Office include:
Sept. 8 Greek Fest
Sept. 15 Unity Through Music
Sept. 16 Community Day
Sept. 22 Balloon Man Lewis Paul
Sept. 30 Cedar Point Trip
Oct. 9 Last Comic Standing Winner Josh Blue in the Gray Chapel

For more information on these or other student events, please call x3188 or stop by the information desk in HWCC.

— Lynne McBee